Monday 9 April 2007

Holiday Announcement

I am going to be in Costa Rica for the next week or so, so this blog won't be updated until I return. Apologies!

Saturday 7 April 2007

Costa Rica

Well, on Tuesday I'm off to Costa Rica, to hopefully visit a friend and explore a few areas of jungle. On the way we have a forty mile trek across New York from JFK to Newark airports. This may sound like being quite a pain, but after arriving in San Jose we have one night to recover before an eight hour bus journey to Golfito.

Golfito is an old fruit plantation, that is being reclaimed by the rainforest and is also on the pacific coast. The contrast should make for some interesting animal and plant finds. I imagine we'll stay there for a day before moving on to Pavones, and finally Punta Blanco (if the road is open).

And then it's a few more hundred miles back to San Jose, hopefully with some time to spare to see a few sights before flying back, going across New York, and arriving back in London.

Sounds rather hectic to me!

Thursday 5 April 2007

UK, Great Britain, Holland and The Netherlands

I guess this is something that 'grinds my gears'. Most of this comes from my experience editing a few (relatively minor) publications.

The United Kingdom is comprised of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain is comprised of England, Wales and Scotland. This is an important difference for a number of reasons.

Similarly we should not, I am reliably told, consider Holland to be a country. It is part of The Netherlands, which is a country.

Monday 2 April 2007

Blog Browsing Habits

Well I've just checked the statistics of my blogs for the last week or so (using Google Analytics) and noticed some quite interesting, if expected, things.

First of all on days where I posted something the views for that blog went up quite a huge amount, and if I didn't post for a few days it was effectively zero.

I guess this means that I should post more often!

My Favourite April Fools Day Joke

Not only are Google great for searching, e-mail and whatever else, but now they prove they have also have a great sense of humour.

Sending paper copies of your entire e-mail history for free? Gmail Paper is pure genius!

Link to Gmail Paper



I guess if you're reading this you've either come from one of my other blogs, or by some random process.

This blog is quite different to my blogs on keeping/studying invertebrates (link) and science/religion/atheism/conspiracy theories (link), in that it is just some random thought processes that I have nowhere else to put.

Hopefully you'll find it interesting enough to check back every now and then!