Tuesday 13 October 2015

Installing BioAcousticaR R package

The BioAcousticaR R package provides access to the BioAcoustica collection of recorded wildlife sound within the R environment.

The BioAcousticaR package, and one if its dependencies (DrupalR) are currently in active development on GitHub and the process for installing these packages may be different to what you are used to.
  1. Install the devtools package:


    If devtools installation fails on Ubuntu see: Install R devtools on Ubuntu
  2. Install the DrupalR package (requires you to have the httr package installed).

    The Virtual Research Environment that BioAcoustica is built on, the Scratchpads project, is in turn built on the Drupal content management system. The DrupalR package provides the basic functionality of authenticating to and getting data from Drupal based websites (more functionality can be expected in the future). BioAcousticaR makes use of DrupalR to perform basic behind-the-scenes tasks.

  3. Install the BioAcousticaR package:


Install R devtools on Ubuntu

The devtools package for R allows, amongst other things, for R packages to be downloaded from GitHub: install_github().

As part of the BioAcoustica project an R package to access the BioAcoustica dataset, BioAcousticaR, is in development with the code hosted on GitHub.

To install devtools on Ubuntu first requires the libssl-dev package to be installed from the command line:

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

Then the devtools package can be installed in R as usual: