Friday 25 December 2009

Christmas Parties

It's been a year with a crazy number of Christmas parties. Unlike Erica I managed to make it to a good number of museum parties - 'the' museum party, PCU, workshop, life sciences and palaeontology. In addition there was a lunch for people on our floor, a meal with my relatives from Germany, the pantomime (Pamela Anderson and Brian Blessed), and the traditional Christmas Eve at the pub. Thankfully there is a break between now and New Year.

On her blog Erica mentioned the now (in)famous (in small circles) Dipsomania Dial - a celebration of joviality from 'Decent Chap' to 'Dead' (the party had a D and/or C theme). Here is the only photograph I have of it in full working order (thanks to a few people it sustained injuries caused by beer, cream and over-zealous handling).

Sunday 13 December 2009

Bioinformatics and Norwegian pop bands

In the supplementary file to the recent paper on the Scratchpads project published in BMC Bioinformatics the Drupal module ahah_action apparently has the functionality required to provide 'a Norwegian pop band'.

Minor Flickr Fame

A photograph I took at the Pestival event this year and put on Flickr has been used by Schmap for a walking tour of Westminster. This is quite appropriate as Natalie and I did walk there from the Natural History Museum (stopping only for ice cream and traffic lights).

Sunday 6 December 2009

Urban Fox

Thanks to @radiokate: