Wednesday 25 February 2009

Misquoted phrases

Having recently been corrected over my corruption of "another think coming" I almost feel like I shouldn't post this. But I am anyway. It's Britain's top 10 misquoted phrases (correct version in brackets)!

) A damp squid (a damp squib)

2) On tender hooks (on tenter hooks)

3) Nip it in the butt (nip it in the bud)

4) Champing at the bit (chomping at the bit)

5) A mute point (a moot point)

6) One foul swoop (one fell swoop)

7) All that glitters is not gold (all that glisters is not gold)

8) Adverse to (averse to)

9) Batting down the hatches (batten down the hatches)

10) Find a penny pick it up (find a pin pick it up)

Friday 20 February 2009

Blogger feeds and Drupal 6 Aggregator Issue

If you want to import Blogger feeds using the Drupal 6 Aggregator (core module) then you must use the RSS feed (just add "/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss" to the end of your blog's URL). If you don't then the aggregator will list posts correctly, but the links will all be to the same post.

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Google Toolbar for Firefox on Ubuntu

If running Google Toolbar for Firefox on Ubuntu and you can't see the majority of the buttons then just go to Tools -> Add-ons and disable the Ubuntu Firefox Modifications. Restart et voila!

Thursday 5 February 2009

Formula 1 at the Science Museum

I quite like Formula 1. It's a sport, but there's more to it than that. To win a race you need to a skilled sportsman, but you need a team of skilled managers, mechanics, engineers, scientists and so on. It's a sport that pushes the capabilities of us as a species in so many different directions.

I have argued with people about how important F1 is in the grand scheme of things (outside of the realms of sport and general rapidness). Thankfully I ill shortly have a new weapon up my sleeve - the Science Museum is putting on an exhibition about how the technological innovations of Formula 1 filter down to us mere mortals.

Formula 1 is also far superior to football in that it doesn't turn pubs into rowdy idiot halls that interfere with good beer and good conversation*.

*Both of these are sadly becoming harder to find if your choice of pub is the Black Horse, Dedworth Road, Windsor.