Wednesday 19 September 2007

Tagging Podcasts

Having recently injured myself to the point of having nothing to do for a day I set about organising my collection of Podcasts. Now I'm not one to delete these as soon as I've listened to them, I keep them on my hard disk in case I ever want to go back to see what was said in them. It's like having a library of a particular persons thoughts, opinions and quotes. Incidentally I am the same when it comes to books, and I have a reasonably large collection of newspaper clippings too.

The main issue was when these Podcasts were loaded into a Media Player: the mp3 tags for the files were generally very poorly thought about. So I had to edit them into a more logical format. Which really was not that hard to do! So why didn't they do it sensibly in the first place?

So just in case any of the readers want to create a Podcast here is how to set the major mp3 tags:

The 'Artist' field should be the name of the person/organisation producing the podcast. It should be the same every single time!

The 'Album' field should be the name of the podcast itself. This allows for a person/organisation to have various podcasts associated with them very easily.

The 'Track Number' should be a sequential number given to each of your podcasts.

The 'Title' Should give details about what happens in this podcast (briefly).

Isn't that simple????