Saturday 9 November 2019

A quote for those working on ontologies and controlled vocabularies

"Two dangers face the student seeking to rationalize and codify a terminology that has grown up empirically and that is beginning to differentiate regionally or according to faculty or in other ways - as must always tend to happen. One danger is that of legislating prematurely and clumsily for hypothetical future requirements; the other is a too easy-going and long-sustained attitude of laissez-faire arising from wishing to let the mud settle before trying to penetrate the shadows of often chaotic and obscure usages. If the former danger must always be borne in mind, the later is more insidious; while we wait for the mud to settle, divergence may be increasing, and we may be faced with the need to cure what we might have prevented."
- Broughton, W.B. (1963) Method in Bio-acoustic Terminology

Sunday 3 November 2019

Embedding BioAcosutica content of other sites

Today the BioAcoustica project has launched embeds in beta. These allow recordings from BioAcoustica to be embedded in other webpages, and perhaps even the online versions of scientific papers.

As an example below is the sound recording that led Klaus Gerhard-Heller and I to describe the species Horatosphaga raggei (Heller and Baker, 2018).

As this is in beta, there are likely to be issues, and much of the interface lacks polish. Each recording on BioAcosutica will have an Embed link under the recording, which will take you to a page with several embed options (the page for the above recording is here). Visual improvements will come shortly, as will expansion to other media and analyses.