Monday 25 June 2007

Free Papers

Everyday in London at the moment when I make my twice daily walk from Battersea to the Natural History Museum (or vice versa) I am offered a vast number of bits of paper. Of these the free newspapers are of more interest than the get rich quick schemes, dodgy phone cards or astrological forecasts.

Alongside all of the junk about fashion and complete nonsense there is often some stuff worth reading, or at least discussing. Recently one of the papers asked its readers what they thought about public breast feeding. Most people seemed to think this is acceptable, which is probably a good thing. It's probably better for everyone concerned than doing it in the toilet.

Alongside this is "To City Boy: I would have thought you would feel like a w****r - cream jacket and purple cords. Not even a self respecting homosexual would wear such things. Get a grip. Jenny". Clearly Jenny is an intellectual might to be reckoned with? I think not. Also on the same page is Henry Carroll who seems to be addicted to the social networking site facebook. Perhaps we should spend money sending him to rehab? Or perhaps he is the one who should get a grip?

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