Thursday 5 February 2009

Formula 1 at the Science Museum

I quite like Formula 1. It's a sport, but there's more to it than that. To win a race you need to a skilled sportsman, but you need a team of skilled managers, mechanics, engineers, scientists and so on. It's a sport that pushes the capabilities of us as a species in so many different directions.

I have argued with people about how important F1 is in the grand scheme of things (outside of the realms of sport and general rapidness). Thankfully I ill shortly have a new weapon up my sleeve - the Science Museum is putting on an exhibition about how the technological innovations of Formula 1 filter down to us mere mortals.

Formula 1 is also far superior to football in that it doesn't turn pubs into rowdy idiot halls that interfere with good beer and good conversation*.

*Both of these are sadly becoming harder to find if your choice of pub is the Black Horse, Dedworth Road, Windsor.

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