Wednesday 10 June 2009

Why doesn't Bob Crow try solidarity with London?

On the ITV news just a few minutes ago one of my least favourite people in the world appeared wearing this polo shirt.

"So what?" you may ask, "Do you think that self-serving greedy train union representatives have to wear a different shirt for each public appearance?"

No. I just think instead of showing solidarity with Cuba he should show solidarity with Londoners. Everyone has to make sacrifices in an economic downturn - if he accepted the offer on the table then he wouldn't be second to Nick Griffin on the list of evil Britons, and people could go to work to help fix the economy. Sadly he has turned tube drivers, his union, and himself into objects of hate and disgust.


Adam Marks said...

"Everyone has to make sacrifices in an economic downturn".

No they don't. Bankers can coin it in to the tune of £500 billion. All power to the tube drivers!

Ed said...

A handful of workers in London are bankers. I have less money because of the downturn, although I've probably lost more because of the tube strike!

Anyway - I guess someone with the address isn't open to rational discussions.

Kenny said...

Bob Crow should hire out crows.