Friday, 18 September 2009

Install Acrobat Reader (acroread) on Ubuntu Jaunty

The medibuntu repositorires only have the amd64 version of Acrobat Reader, however an i386 version is available from Adobe here:

Open a Terminal window and navigate to the folder where the file was downloaded to. Then enter:
sudo su
Enter your password followed by the enter key.
chmod +x AdbeRdr9.1.2-1_i486linux_enu.bin
Follow the instructions to install Adobe Acrobat Reader. Pressing enter at the installation directory choice will use the default [/opt].

Finally type
to exit su.

Hope that helps!


kugrian said...

KPDF (or it's Gnome equiv.) > Acrobat Reader!

Ed said...

The Gnome 'Document Viewer' is pretty neat but I have had a couple of PDFs that displayed correctly only in Adobe Reader.

Ed said...

Additionally the 'Document Viewer' doesn't allow you to digitally sign PDF documents, which is something I do on a regular basis.

KPDF has been replaced by Okular which can be installed on Ubuntu by typing 'sudo apt-get install okular' in a console window. Alternatively the entire KDE graphics package can be installed by entering 'sudo apt-get install kdegraphics'.

Okular doesn't allow for digital signing of PDFs though, whoch is the primary reason I installed the Adobe package.