Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Parties

It's been a year with a crazy number of Christmas parties. Unlike Erica I managed to make it to a good number of museum parties - 'the' museum party, PCU, workshop, life sciences and palaeontology. In addition there was a lunch for people on our floor, a meal with my relatives from Germany, the pantomime (Pamela Anderson and Brian Blessed), and the traditional Christmas Eve at the pub. Thankfully there is a break between now and New Year.

On her blog Erica mentioned the now (in)famous (in small circles) Dipsomania Dial - a celebration of joviality from 'Decent Chap' to 'Dead' (the party had a D and/or C theme). Here is the only photograph I have of it in full working order (thanks to a few people it sustained injuries caused by beer, cream and over-zealous handling).