Friday, 18 May 2012

eMonocot and Swiss Orchid Foundation collaboration

Originally posted on the eMonocot Blog

Back in April Ruth Bone, Paul Wilkin and I visited the Swiss Orchid Foundation in Basel, Switzerland to discuss ways in which we could work together. As part of this collaboration it was decided that the eMonocot project could display images and digitised specimens from the Swiss Orchid Foundation's database of World Orchid Iconography on the eMonocot Scratchpads and portal.

Swiss Orchid Foundation and eMonocot
Paul Wilkin talking to volunteers at the Swiss Orchid Foundation

The images will be automatically harvested at most once per week for each taxon using a custom webservice implemented by Dominique at the Swiss Orchid Foundation. We are currently testing the service on the Cypripedioideae Scratchpad (e.g. Phragmipedium besseae) where the World Orchid Iconography images are now shown alongside images uploaded to the site directly and those harvested from the Encyclopaedia of Life.

Swiss Orchid Foundation images alongside those uploaded to the site and those harvested from EOL