Friday, 1 June 2012

Managing Scratchpads tools in eMonocot

Originally published on the eMonocot blog: Managing Scratchpads tools

As I mentioned before, one of the things that tailoring Scratchpads to a particular community or project allows us to do is to develop functionality that is specific to that community or project. Within the eMonocot project we have developed some functionality that is useful across all of the eMonocot Scratchpads (e.g. the IPNI webservice) while other parts (e.g. the Swiss Orchid Foundation images) are useful only to a few of the Scratchpads.
In order to allow site maintainers to pick and choose which subset of these functions they would like I have added a number of the optional fetaures to the Scratchpads Tools feature to make it easy for site maintainers to add/remove these functions with a single click.
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