Sunday, 17 March 2013

Some links from Science Hackday London #shdl

A list of project pitches

EpiCollect (GitHub) provides a web application for the generation of forms and freely hosted project websites (using Google's AppEngine) for many kinds of mobile data collection projects. Data can be collected using multiple mobile phones running either the Android Operating system or the iPhone (using the EpiCollect mobile app) and all data can be synchronised from the phones and viewed centrally (using Google Maps) via the Project website or directly on the phones.

Online assistance in performing tasks that require human cognition, knowledge or intelligence such as image classification, transcription, geocoding and more!
  • Help advance research
  • Everything is open and freely usable
  • Things computers can't do

Yellowhammer Dialects (Czech Site)
What happens with birdsong during invasion of a new territory? To answer this question a citizen science project looks for volunteers to record yellowhammers in New Zealand and Great Britain to evaluate distribution of their dialects.

Konekta (GitHub)
Geolocate community services and make them available through a mobile site.

WAX Science
The WAX project’s goal is to launch an online collaborative platform with two main objectives :
  • To give a space to raise young people’s curiosity in the sciences area. With several participatory and fun approches, we want to support young people in letting their curiosity and natural motivations win back over. There will be contests, small expĂ©riences, vidĂ©os, in the spirit of a science for everyone, revalued, but that points out the stereotypes. Because to fight something, one must be aware of it.
  • To give the possibility to the existing associations/initiatives/collectivities to get in touch with eachother and to know where to turn by drawing a map of what already exists, both in the field of popular science, but also on the theme of gender balance. By linking those initiatives on our website, we hope to raise the visibility of everyone of them and to catalyze the interactions !