Tuesday 15 September 2015

BioAcoustica on GBIF

BioAcoustica has been contributing content (where licences allow) to the Encyclopedia of Life (EoL) for around the last six months. So far these contributions are primarily just over 2,000 recordings of species, predominantly of Orthoptera and Cicadas.

Recently (as described in Baker et al., 2015) we have been contributing occurrence data to the Global Biodiversity Informatics Facility (GBIF).

Baker E, Price B, Rycroft S, Villet M (2015) Global Cicada Sound Collection I: Recordings from South Africa and Malawi by B. W. Price & M. H. Villet and harvesting of BioAcoustica data by GBIF. Biodiversity Data Journal 3: e5792. doi: 10.3897/BDJ.3.e5792