Thursday 28 June 2018


From Jerome Sueur:

Dear all, 

It is my pleasure to announce the contest >spectro(2018), a friendly and informal contest for the best spectrogram generated with R code.

The spectrogram is a 2D/3D key visualisation tool for bioacoustics, ecoacoustics and other sound related disciplines. The spectrogram is not only useful for science, it can also be a nice graphical object with delicate shapes and colours. 
The aim of this contest is to share the beautiful sounds, R codes and spectrograms you may have in your files so that it can help others to produce nice graphics and figures.

But overall, the idea is to join science, fun, and maybe the arts!

Here are some information about the organization of the contest:

. deadline : 15  September 2018
. application: a single submission per candidate; send wav sound + R code + png image to with the email title ">spectro(2018)"
. sound: .wav file / no limits, any recording (animal, habitat, voice, music, etc) or synthetic sound built with R
. code: .r file / only within R language, any package but no call to external software, the code should be fully repeatable
. image: static .png file / no limits in the choice of colour and size but should be readable on a web page
. rights: you accept that your material appears on seewave webpage 
. international voting committee: Fanny Rybak (France), Nadia Pieretti (Italy), Susan Fuller (Australia), Stefanie LaZerte (Canada), Tess Gridley (South Africa)
. publication of the results: October-November 2018
. prize: 1 printed sample of the book Sound analysis and synthesis with R for the winner, 1 electronic version of the same book for the second and the third, kindly offered by Springer, Berlin

Have fun and good luck!