Friday 2 January 2009

Rip YouTube videos on Ubuntu

Ripping videos from YouTube using Ubuntu is a pretty easy process. First of all download youtube-dl from the Universe repository.
sudo apt-get install youtube-dl
Next get the URL of the video you wish to download.
youtube-dl http://
This will download the video you require in Flash Video (*.flv) format. If you want to convert this to MPEG then you will first need to install ffmpeg.
sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
Then get ffmpeg to do the conversion.
ffmpeg -i input.flv output.mpg
Incidentally I quite like using Tilda to manage consoles - I'd reccomend you take a look too.
sudo apt-get install tilda.


Anonymous said...

Thanks man this was just what I was looking for.

Anonymous said...

Does this do playlists or just individual videos?

Matrix said...

1000x thx for your post, youtube-dl is even included in the multiverse repository of hardy (8.04) and working like a charm. Sometimes the best tools are still there and you just need someone pointing on it. Additionally: No fiddling with FF-plugins anymore :)

Unknown said...

You don't even need any special software to rip youtube videos. Just load it in the browser then click

Places> Computer > File System> tmp

Then you can just drag it out on to your desktop from there.

Ed said...

Yes - but it means leaving that browser tab open. I prefer having a console application run in the background.