Tuesday 23 September 2008

Heart Internet

I used to quite like heartinternet as a hosting company, they give you a lot for what you pay for. Especially when compared to 1and1 who I used before. However recently some issues have been cropping up.

First of all the server fairly regularly has its slow moments - not ideal by any means. Today it started giving Forbidden messages without registering them in the logs. Imagine the confusion that caused the trained monkeys in customer service.

I did once try to change my payment method to a debit card, which somehow their system managed to screw up. When I contacted customer services to explain that my card didn't work, that my bank said there is no problem with it, that I can afford it and I have checked the details I entered the monkey asked me for all of the details on my card so that he could try and enter them. Slightly wrong?

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