Tuesday 23 September 2008

Museum Coden Search

Museum codens are great - if you know what coden relates to what museum. However they can be a bit frustrating if you have no idea! The days of the Natural History Museum, London being the British Museum (Natural History) are long gone. However the BMNH coden still remains.

A while ago I was searching through documents for codens. I needed a comprehensive list so I scraped the Bishop Museum's list into a MySQL database. Thankfully they have a logical HTML structure and besides one small error (corrected in a matter of hours) the list was easily parsed.

Creating a local copy saved having to repeatedly hit their site and eat their bandwidth.

I made a slightly improved search engine for the list that automatically searches for redirects (AHCC is apaprently a museum coden synonym of ARHC).

I have made this available here for anybody who is interested.

This will hopefully link in (at some point) with some phasmid related projects that I have tiime to work on occassionally.

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